Re: Portrait of a Failed Community Organizer

Michael, if you’ve got it in you to educate us on Alinsky my hat’s off to you. This hippie chick I knew in college lent me a copy of Rules for Radicals and figured it might be a good read like The Anarchist Cookbook. I gave up after twenty or thirty pages of his drivel. It was torture.

But you’re reading way to much into the White House’s war against FoxNews. Plain and simple, Obama is a candy ass. He may keep Rules for Radicals on the nightstand like a Christian does the Bible, but he’s just throwing a tantrum over FoxNews. They’re just so mean to President Pantywaist it makes his widdle heart ache.

Call it Obama’s razor – never attribute to vestiges of radicalism what can easily be explained by bruised ego and self pity.

This is the guy who used his media connections to have sealed divorce records released to eliminate two Republican Senate challengers. This the guy who begged for mercy after facing a withering seven questions on the campaign trail. This is the guy who set up a website asking people to snitch on anyone who offered commentary contrary to the WH talking points on health care reform nationalization. This is the guy who wrecked the buffet at the Harrow Club.

There’s one TV media outlet that isn’t experiencing tinkles up their legs and marveling at his unprecedented ability to swat a fly and popping chubs over his perfectly creased pants…and it just happens to be the most watched cable news station. Of course he’s going to cry like a sissy. President Voting Present has never had to endure prolonged scrutiny. A lickspittle Chicago press had his back. The major national media outlets carried him for the duration of his POTUS campaign. Now he’s learned, as the WH was kind enough to point out to lefty bloggers earlier this week, that governing is hard.

So of course President Twinkletoes had his communications director give a nine minute diatribe against FoxNews. On the same cable news station that felt compelled to fact check a skit on Saturday Night Live.

Why am I picturing the Obama’s gathered around the TV sometime around 10:40 p.m. that fateful Saturday with Sasha and Malia bravely telling their tearful daddy he’s done lots of stuff since he got elected? Christ, at least Jimmy Carter tried to fight off the killer rabbit; Obama would have capsized his canoe in a panic and forced the Secret Service to dive in and save him from drowning. Then he would blame Bush, or Rush, or Fox.

President Buttercup is all about entitlement. When he’s not afforded the media adulation to which he is entitled it hurts. So he lashes out. Obama is well aware by now just how far in over his head he really is. He doesn’t need to be reminded by FoxNews. So like the scrawny kid who’s scared to death of the school bully he avoids them and talks smack from the comforting bosom of his loyal media chums.

Funny how it just kills the left that there’s a single media outlet that dares give voice to the right. Oh how they gnash their teeth over “Faux” News. Well I’ve got two words for them.

“Fake but accurate.”

Get over it you sissy-marys. Nobel Peace Laureate or not, a guy who falls apart like a Chinese Rolex over FoxNews isn’t going eyeball-to-eyeball with Iran and coming away a winner.

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