That’s Why They Play The Game

The Nobel Prize Committee (here they are in case you’re curious) has managed to do something that the McCain campaign could never accomplish: turn the phenomenon of Barrack Obama into pure satire. One of Ann Althouse’s commenter’s noted (via Instapundit) :

This just reinforces my ongoing impression that we’ve been living out a satire for the past year or two.

…It’s like no one’s even serious about anything anymore. None of it matters. It’s the Society of the Spectacle.

Which point brings to mind the old maxim “that’s why they play the game”. This phrase is rooted in the lore of odds makers, handicappers and their clients: gamblers. As anyone who follows sports knows one of the key ingredients in the recipe for an exciting game (or race) is the run up to the event itself or, to borrow the phrase, The Society of the Spectacle. Odds makers weigh in with their analysis of each teams’ strengths and weaknesses as they try to predict the difference in the final score of a game. Handicappers (in horse racing) examine lineage, racing results and times in an heroic attempt to quantify the process of predicting a winner.

The political process is in some ways no different as it relates to the Society of the Spectacle. There is a period of courting, preening, pretending and obfuscating (campaigning) as candidates actively participate in the theatre. But at the end of the day, the game itself (governing) must be played . And therein lies the dilimma of Barack Hussein Obama today. The Nobel Peace prize committee handed him an award for courting, preening, pretending and obfuscating at the very moment he needed to demonstrate that he could actually play the game (govern). This irony was not lost on the American public, which seems to be taking notice that there is not just a question of work product that is found lacking in this president but also a lack of work ethic.

The metaphors and analogies that decribe today’s Peace Prize poison are everywhere in the blogosphere , which means serious trouble for a President that has never been forced to contend with ridicule, sarcasm and humor. Perhaps sometime this weekend Barack Obama will come face to face with those realities. But I doubt it. Until he surrounds himself with real players instead of the band and the cheerleaders, he will never understand why he must actually have to play the game.

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