Rangel Evades Questions As Well As He Avoids Taxes

The Washington Post, unwittingly, illustrates how spineless the mainstream media has become in the intro to an article about Rep. Charlie Rangel. Emphasis mine.

Rep. Charles B. Rangel (D-N.Y.) isn’t interested in talking about his tax troubles and the ethical questions they’ve raised in Congress.

Reporters accosted him Monday as he strolled to the podium for a news conference outside a Manhattan subway station, but Rangel, 79, ducked his head and kept moving.

“Let me thank you all for coming on this beautiful day,” he began when it was his turn at the podium to tout the new subway entrance at 96th and Broadway. “And I would hate to see anyone attempt to mar this with questions that are not related to this exciting event.”

Everyone obliged, except a guy driving by in his car.

“Charlie, pay your taxes! Come on, Charlie, pay your taxes!” the passerby shouted.

Do you think if Rangel was a Republican “everyone” would have obliged? Probably not…

In other news Congressman John Carter is on the House floor right now introducing a resolution to strip Rangel of his Chairmanship, not that it will get anywhere…

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