McChrystal Clear

The under-carriage of Obama’s bus is getting pretty crowded.


Looking at the above photo, one could get the impression of a deeply engaged President Obama talking strategery with his hand-picked Afghanistan-theater-leader, General Stanley A. McChrystal.

This meeting took place in Copenhagen, during Obama’s Great Chicago Olympic Pimp show.

The President has the determination to conjure up five different Olympic proposal videos, shuttle off Queen Michelle to dazzle the IOC and the entire nation of Denmark, yet all he can muster up regarding a war of 8 years is to drag his commanding General onto an idle Air Force One for a 25 minute meeting?

This sit down was thrown together in response to General McChrystal’s startling revelation that, since having been posted to the Afghanistan theater, he has spoken to the Commander in Chief (that would be Obama) just once.

Now, after General McChrystal’s 66 page report has mysteriously been leaked, it has been found that he advocates an increase in strength of up to 40,000 more ground troops.

Obama’s hand has just been called. With just a few words, a rabid narcissist got hammered for his complete lack of decisiveness by a man who has sworn his life to preserving this nation.

In contrast to that, it has been revealed that Obama’s next move concerning Afghanistan is based upon a plan crafted by our ever humble Vice-Plagiarist Joe Biden, one which is heavily reliant on the use of drones and special forces. Time to put Plug’s self-proclaimed abundance of foreign policy wonk-manship to work.

Not to be outdone in the department of shame, the abject hypocrisy displayed by Obama’s lefty allies in Congress is just as embarrassing. Incompetent boobs like Pelosi and Reid vehemently proclaim that observations by military personnel should be discussed privately, through the “chain of command.”

Contrast that with the early years of the Iraq War, lefty pundits and liberal weeds like Pelosi and Reid held up then Army Chief of Staff General Eric K. Shinseki as a hero when, during the Rumsfeld era, he openly declared the need for more ground troops, in spite of Rumsfeld’s insistence on utilizing more special forces, less combat troops, and more air-power. Not to mention the endless “classified” information which conveniently leaked its way to the front page of the New York Times.

Now, just today, as if Obama has suddenly become aware that we are actually fighting a war, he chooses not to have a full scale meeting with his top commanding officers who would actually know what is needed and what the true conditions are on the ground. Instead, he has a PR pow-wow with 31 out-of-touch members of the most unpopular congress in the history of the nation. A clan of self-indulgent fools, blathering away in their ivory towers about something which days ago didn’t even register on their calenders.

Obama and the left have no desire to win. Both Afghanistan and Iraq are just carbuncles on their political asses. They make no effort to hide their disdain for the military, or their indifference to its success.

Obama claimed that his administration would be one of transparency. Ironically, it is.

That’s not a compliment.

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