If You Are Tired of Hearing About the President’s Date Night, You Might Be a Racist

If you don’t want to hear about the President and First Lady’s anniversary date night then you might be a racist. Or something like that. From Mark Silva:

That a simple date at a relatively modestly priced Washington restaurant to celebrate a wedding anniversary – the first for the first couple in the White House – could generate as much venom as it has in these e-pages (see the comments below) on a Sunday suggests something deeply troubling about the American mood.

Silva notes Afghanistan and the cost to the public as raising ire, but then mentions (you knew it was coming) racism.

Unfortunately, and this is the most troubling footnote of today’s run of criticism for the Obamas’ night out, much of it is clearly inspired by something that the former president, Jimmy Carter, identified in his recent characterization of some of the most extreme criticism aimed at Obama during recent months: The inability of a lot of people to accept a black man as president.

In my column at Townhall I explain some alternate reasons many Americans are tired of hearing about the First Couple’s date nights.

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