Chicago Out for 2016 Olympics in the First Round

So, the Chicago politicians who have turned their city into a virtual sewer through corruption and cronyism will not be rewarded with the opportunity to do the same with the Olympics:

Despite four years, millions of dollars in planning and a last-ditch pitch from President Obama, the Chicago 2016 Olympic bid ultimately fell short.

The City of Chicago was eliminated in the first round of voting, before any host city was selected.

An expert called it the “biggest shock in IOC history.”

A disappointed USOC President Larry Probst left the venue and refused to comment, saying the Chicago delegation would respond later.

Supporters gathered in Chicago were equally shocked. Many left the rally in Daley Plaza tears.

Tokyo was also eliminated in the first round.

Even the president’s star billing wasn’t enough to put Chicago over the top in what some experts said was the tightest race for the Games in its history.

It wasn’t that tight for Chicago. It was eliminated in the first round. And Michelle sacrificed so much.

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