Talk Of A Coup From The Left And The Right

Ed Morrissey asks if today is military dictatorship day, noting that there are articles out by both the Left and Right positing the idea that President Barack Obama’s presidency may fall to a military coup:

In case anyone thinks that one side of the political spectrum has a monopoly on paranoid ranters, we present today’s offering from Gore Vidal (Left) and John Perry (Right) on the coming American military dictatorship. Both men agree that it’s a likelihood, and both men blame Barack Obama.

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I find it unimaginable that the United States military would do such a thing. As Morrissey notes, there’s a thing called elections that pose a much greater risk to Barack Obama than dreams of Seven Days in May. However, it is quite apparent that the Presidency of Barack Obama is in deep decline and the rate of descent is accelerating. In a span of just a few months this president demonstrated that he never had a grasp of the complicated dynamics of the healthcare debate, he never understood or acknowledged the anger and frustration of the electorate beginning last Spring and, in fact, exacerbated the political debate in the country by unnecessarily introducing the polarizing issue of race into multiple policy issues.

The President’s irresolute behavior on issues such as the European missile shield and Iran’s so far successful efforts to acquire nuclear weapons, the unctuous lecturing of Israel (while noticeably ignoring Hamas), the constant speechifying on anything and everything and the growing disregard with which our allies view his behavior is creating a political figure the resembles a caricature, not a leader. But Barack Hussein Obama seems oblivious to it all. Case in point: the early call on September unemployment shows that another 250,000 Americans lost their jobs, yet the President has yet to offer up a specific private sector pro growth policy that will create jobs. People are paying attention to this president’s inattention to the single most important voter issue today; where can folks get a job?

The disconnect between the President and the people is reaching Nixonian levels.

Note: Bob Owens makes a very good point in the comments:

While he blogs unpaid at Newsmax, John Perry worked for the LBJ and Carter Administrations, plus Democratic Florida Governor LeRoy Collins. And of course you’ve probably seen Gore Vidal’s comments as well

But what we have here isn’t left and right between Perry and Vidal. It’s left and further left pushing fears of a coup in order to stigmatize the right.

Thanks for the context, Bob.

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