Chicago’s Killing Fields

(This video contains disturbing violence.)


That is the only way to describe the creatures that beat young Derrion Albert to death in the bloody streets of a Chicago neighborhood.

Derrion, described as a nice, respectful honor-roll student, was walking home from school when he was accosted by members from rival factions in his neighborhood. (Those factions are normally referred to as “gangs”, but you wouldn’t know it from some reports.)

Some of these animals punched him. Some kicked. Others bashed his head with 2×4’s. All of this caught on a cell phone camera.

Some students claim that members from rival gangs would gather across the street from the school so they could protect their own “homies” when they got out of class. Why these thugs would be allowed to congregate that close to a school is beyond me.

I’m sure Sasha and Malia Obama were never subjected to this type of scenario after school.

The Chicago public school system has about 407,000 students in 666 schools. It is the nation’s third-largest school district and has been plagued by violence in recent years. During the 2007-2008 school year, at least 20 students were killed, including 18 by gunfire. The year before, more than 30 students were killed, again most by gun violence.
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It is a wonder how this could have happened in a city where Barack Obama was a community organizer. You would think this type of atmosphere would not exist in the place from which The One hails. A place where he was able to work his magic of social healing, with the likes of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and cuddly William Ayers fighting with him, arm in arm.

In a sad twist of irony, this murder happened just a few feet from the office of a Chicago-based community organization. (That is where some bystanders dragged from the street Darrion’s lifeless, bloody body.)

I wonder if Obama will speak up about this episode. He felt strongly enough to yelp about the incident between his most estimable black friend Professor Louis Gates when Cambridge, Massachusetts white Police Officer James Crowley “acted stupidly” during a simple altercation. (His “Beer Summit” was a colossal success.)

So far, there has been nary a peep uttered by Obama concerning this horrid example of black-on-black crime, right in his own backyard.

Then again, Obama wasn’t trying to sell Cambridge as the host city for the 2016 Olympics, as he is with his adopted hometown of Chicago. This instance isn’t exactly a strong selling point for his presentation in Copenhagen.

This atrocity also happened in the shadow of Obama declaring he wants kids to cut short summer vacations and extend school days, of course, all for the benefit of the children. Never mind how much extra money would be involved with funding the extra teachers, paying the existing ones more (gotta help out those teacher unions), and paying for the energy costs of keeping schools open longer into the hot summer and later into the day.

You know, global warming and all.

Perhaps, if the teachers, and more appropriately, the parents had a stronger sense of personal responsibility to their families, these children would not grow up and be subjected to this type of deranged learning environment in the first place. If I were a parent of a child in a school system situated in a location as dangerous as this, the less time spent there, the safer.

And the next politician who told me that school vouchers weren’t a good idea would be out of a job come next election cycle.

Nah. Just expand government and toss more money at the dysfunctional education system. I guess it’s just an easier way of providing free day-care, and helping government gain more control over the lives of its citizens.

This type of atmosphere isn’t magically created. It stems from decades of social neglect, from the corrupt practices of city government, to the breakdown of responsibility and morals contained within a warped family structure. Children, from one generation to another, are handed down less and less moral aptitude, personal responsibility, and a sense of self respect, while growing up in neighborhoods where teen pregnancy, welfare and fatherless families are the norm. This culminates into an uncivilized society where sad instances like this occur on a frequent basis.

There is hope, though, as it seems the White House now has its priorities straight.

Obama has given his personal approval of the Obama Chia.

Good luck Chicago. You’re gonna need it.

Update from Breitbart:

Obama’s spokesman Robert Gibbs was asked to comment on the killing a day before the president heads to Copenhagen to woo IOC members on his hometown’s Games bid, before Friday’s final vote on the venue of the 2016 sporting extravaganza.

“The reports and the video that we have seen on television is among the most shocking that you can ever see, the killing of an honor student … who’s beaten to death is — is chilling, chilling video,” Gibbs said.

Obama discussed the incident in the Oval Office with top advisors on Wednesday, Gibbs said, adding that some kind of policy announcement could be expected shortly.

This is something that the administration has been working on,” Gibbs said.

Re-read that last line.

It’s so believable, isn’t it?

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