So This is What Obama’s Madam Tussauds Wax Sculpture Will Look Like

Check out this compressed video of all the pictures Obama took with foreign dignitaries at the UN this week, and pay particular attention to his smile, head position, and posture. They don’t change at all for the 130 photos that were taken. The only thing I could see shift from image to image was the thumb on his left hand. How did Obama stand and smile so consistently that everything about him, especially his facial expression, look frozen? On the one hand it’s really amazing that he can do that for every single person who got his picture taken with him, but on the other hand, it’s kind of freaky. I remember when my husband and I stood for our wedding photos. My smile muscles began to give out about three-quarters of the way through. But not this guy. He’s a trooper. Or a wax sculpture.

Hat tip: Hot Air

Update: Bookworm wondered if this video was photoshopped but then checked the original photos from the State Department’s Flickr page. They’re real alright.

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