Unbelievable Indoctrination of Children to the Cult of Obama

If before the election we had warned that our children in our schools would be required to learn songs in praise of Barack Hussein Obama, we would have been called paranoid lunatics. Well, it has happened more than once already, but this latest case of Obamadoctrination takes the cake. Just watch the video. The kids are not singing the praises of this great country, or even the President. They are singing the praises of “mmm mmm mmm Barack Hussein Obama.”

Michelle Malkin has lots of details. Be sure to read her post with updates.

Update: Worse than the fact that these kids are being told to praise “Barack Hussein Obama” or that all the time on this could have been spent learning math or science or reading or even a decent song, is this one line:

“He said red, yellow, black or white. All are equal in his sight.”
Anyone who says those of us critical of this Obama worship are overreacting, read that one line that was taught to schoolchildren. I learned a remarkably similar song when I was a child, but it was in “Sunday” school in church, not in my elementary school — “Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in his sight. Jesus loves the little children of the world.”

This creeps me out beyond belief. If my kids were in this school they would not have stayed there ten minutes after I found out about this. I wonder how those on the left would have reacted had a similar song, except with George Bush as the idol of worship, been taught to their kids in school. Rewind a few weeks and tell me again how those on the right overreacted to the news that Dear Leader was going to be addressing the nation’s schoolchildren directly.

Update II: Pierre Legrand thinks back to the school speech and writes about a test posted at Smart Girl Nation that was given in one school which suggests the original content of the President’s speech, before the uproar, was very different from what he said in the speech he ended up giving.

Update III: Bookworm makes an excellent point that as bad as this is, at least it is out in the open. For too many years indoctrination has gone on in the public schools where it was not so apparent.

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