Breaking – President Bush fully vindicated, multiple WMD stockpiles found in Iraq

Breaking news from NPR.

Najibullah Zazi “has been indicted in the Eastern District of New York “on a charge of conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction (explosive bombs) against persons or property in the United States,” the Justice Department just announced.

I guess we can put the whole “Bush lied, blah blah blah” crap to bed now that Obama’s Justice Department has declared high explosives to be weapons of mass destruction. Iraq was, and remains, awash in high explosives. Ipso facto.

Sleep well tonight, Mr. Bush. You’ll never get the apologies you’re due from the left. But with Obama in the White House it was only a matter of time until the very real threats they mocked for seven years while you strove to protect America would be escalated into narrowly averted WMD attacks.

I’ll give Obama credit where he deserves it – once again Americans can feel good about small victories in the War on Terror Steadfast and Forthright Endeavor to Circumvent or Possibly Eliminate Anthropogenic Unnatural Natural Disasters.

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