Is Glenn Beck Right?

Everyone, it seems, is all atwitter with Glenn Beck saying that, in some ways, the country would have been worse off had John McCain been elected.

I didn’t see the interview, but being a bit of a contrarian thinker, I immediately started to consider ways in which Beck might be right.

On a lot of key issues, McCain and Obama weren’t really that different. Both tend to kowtow to the left on occasion, but with Obama it’s clear that it’s a quid pro quo arrangement. With McCain, it seems more like a desire to be liked. So on some issues, there really wouldn’t have been much difference.

But I think I see what Beck might have been saying. With McCain, we probably would have seen a continuation of a lot of the Bush policies that were — in a word — wrong. And a lot of people who backed McCain (or, more accurately, backed Palin and opposed Obama) would have felt a certain obligation to stand by him and back his moves out of a sense of “you dance with them that brung you.”

With Obama, he’s trying way too much, way too fast. He’s pushing hard for a very radical agenda. And while some people back parts of it, very few agree with all of it. (Hell, I don’t think even Obama backs all of it — some of it he’s obligated to push for, some of it he’s abdicated to the Congressional leadership.) And every day, it seems, he pushes yet another button in another group of the electorate, finding their breaking point.

So he has to back off from each in turn. He has to throw another group or idea or plan under that monster truck that replaced his bus. (Rumor has it he’s trying to borrow the space shuttle crawlertransporter from NASA when the pile under the monster truck gets too big.)

The best analogy that comes to mind is a band-aid. Electing McCain would have been the equivalent of slowly pulling it off, bit by bit, hoping to minimize the pain. Obama, on the other hand, is the sudden shock of just yanking it off and getting it over with.

Had McCain been elected, things would have continued to decline at a nice, slow, comfortable, gradual pace. But with Obama, it’s getting so bad so fast that the chances of enough Americans waking up to the reality of the situation and doing something about it in short order are much better.

Anyway, like I said, I didn’t see Beck’s statement. But in the above respect, he very well might be right.

And despite what Obama’s cabinet secretary said, we aren’t children. We shouldn’t act like children. We shouldn’t get mad at the doctor for giving us that painful shot. We should thank him for giving us pain now that will save us more suffering later.

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