Want To Neuter The Obama Agenda? Biden Provides A Roadmap

Good ‘ol Joe… From Karen Travers at ABC:

Vice President Joe Biden said today that if Democrats were to lose 35 House seats they currently hold in traditionally Republican districts, it would mean doomsday for President Obama’s agenda.

Biden said Republicans are pinning their political strategy on flipping these seats.

“If they take them back, this the end of the road for what Barack and I are trying to do,” the vice president said at a fundraiser for Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) today in Greenville, Delaware.

Republicans need to pick up 40 seats next November to take back control of the House.

I sports, that’s what you would call a locker room quote. That’s one to pin up on the locker room wall to be read by all for added motivation…

The really humorous part is that later in the article Biden then predicts that if by some miracle Democrats aren’t slaughtered in the mid term elections a new era of bipartisanship will blossom.

Yeah, right…

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