Hail Mary, Full Of Race

No. That’s not the beginning of a prayer.

It does, however, succinctly describe the desperate play in the liberal manual of political self-preservation.

With Obama in office, the supercilious twits on the left have sunk to a new low of intellectual laziness. Instead of discussing issues based on the merit of their principles, they’ve resorted to shrouding everything debatable by crying racism.

And that play just doesn’t work anymore.

A young black man defeated an old white man for the presidency. People of all segments of society were taken in by Obama’s style. It’s been suggested that “anti-racism” (i.e. white guilt) may have played a part in the decision of some people to vote for him. I guess that kind of racism is fine.

The word “racism” has become diluted of its true meaning in recent years. Just like comparing Bush to a Nazi, branding people who happen to have dissenting views as racists has become standard operating procedure for the left.

With every passing usage of those words, the dark and terrible history behind them becomes less meaningful.

Labels like “racist” and “Nazi” have been diminished to nothing more than political barbs, thrown around as silly sound-bites in an attempt to stigmatize others who (gasp!) disagree.

They are the last verbal refuge of a liberal.

Obama has acknowledged that there will always be some people who view him through the prism of race. While that is true, he and his pawns conveniently lump together people who describe him as a socialist, marxist, or communist, as if they are on the same level as racists.

Descriptions like socialist, marxist, and communist denote a political philosophy, all of which describe a system of governance where the many, regardless of racial or ethnic persuasion, are oppressed by the power of the few. These describe forced rule.

Racism describes motive.

Politicians, pundits, and former Dunce in Chief Jimmy Carter have all attempted to delegitimize and dismiss the concerns of citizens who do not agree with Obama’s vision of governance as racial bias.

The reality just doesn’t justify the allegation.

This racism tactic will backfire. White people who voted for Obama out of a sincere belief that he was the right choice are not going to take kindly to being branded as racists.

His true color is showing, and it has nothing to do with his skin.

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