“..And It’s Just 10 Easy Payments Of $100 Billion..”

Something is very wrong when the President of the United States has to resort to what amounts to live infomercials in an attempt to convince the public that one of his inventions is worth buying into.

Instead of his HealthScare bill standing on its own merit, Obama is banking its success on the strength of his charisma alone.

He has just about blown all of his political capitol, and now has to rely on credit provided by a complicit near-extinct media.

For 5 years, we have been subjected to glowing biographies, puff pieces, glamorous pictorials, and tabloid love-fests.

For corn’s sake! If the guy so much has a bowel movement, it’s reported as breaking news.

For much of his campaign, we were told Obama was one of the most media savvy politicians in history, namely for his “revolutionary” use of the internet. The alternative media is where it’s at. Why he would not divert his energies into spreading the word to venues where his material will be discussed by people who actually have the new media’s pulse is a tactical error.

Yet, here we are, close to a year into his presidency, and he’s about to embark on what’s been billed as an “historic” media blitz of FIVE Sunday talk shows. Talk shows held by media outlets whose sole purpose, it seems, is to provide cheerleading for this floundering administration.

Most likely, the only people who watch will consist of the choir to which he preaches. And this will accomplish what??

If he had any character and conviction, he would go on FOX News and answer a few fastballs. Instead he’ll get softballs designed for the purpose of setting up a droning dissertation of talking points based on slanted focus group results and regurgitated wonk-speak.

Hardly a formula for advancing The One’s cause.

Perhaps his most successful appearance will be on Letterman’s late night variety show.

If it will be as successful as his spot on “The Tonight Show,” we should expect another gut-busting riff on the Special Olympics.

What a disgrace.

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