Maybe Sexting Isn’t So Bad After All…


It saved a group of New York students from a potentially long stint in prison. The New York Post reports.

The Hofstra freshman who had a raunchy restroom romp and then cried rape made up the twisted tale because she didn’t want her schoolmates — particularly her new boyfriend — to think she was easy, the beau told The Post yesterday.

“I think she needs a psychologist. She probably felt like, ‘They’ll think I’m a slut,’ ” her boyfriend, who asked not to be identified, told The Post.

Danmell Ndonye, 18, who had accused five men of gang rape, admitted the truth only when prosecutors confronted her after learning of a cellphone video that captured the whole sordid episode and showed she had willingly participated, officials said.

If the young man who decided to video tape the group sex event had not done so, it’s a pretty safe bet that these young black males would have been railroaded off to prison. As it is they’re forever going to be stained by this accusation.

In cases like this the concept of “using protection” takes on a whole new meaning, since any girl crazy enough to willingly gang bang a bunch of guys in a bathroom is probably crazy enough to later make herself believe that she wasn’t a willing participant.

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