Roland Burris, Racist

Another Democrat racist.

WASHINGTON — Illinois Sen. Roland Burris served notice a short time ago that Democrats might have problems other than the Republican variety in getting health-care reform legislation out of the Senate.

Burris, a Democrat, announced that any legislation lacking provisions establishing a public entity to compete with insurance companies would not get his vote in the Senate.

Given that the new legislation unveiled today by Sen. Max Baucus lacks the so-called public option in favor of less controversial cooperatives, Burris’s decision could signal trouble from liberals in the Senate as well as in the House.

Here’s how Burris put it:

“I firmly believe in a public option and will oppose any bill that does not include one. Illinoisans have seen their insurance premiums skyrocket, while more and more families lose their coverage every day …

Why does he hate black people?

Yes, I know… now go sit on the bench that says “I don’t get obvious sarcasm.”

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