Obama’s Disgraceful Betrayal of Our Allies

President Obama has turned his back on more of our allies.

When President Bush was in office, he worked to help our allies who shared our love of freedom and liberty but who didn’t have the same technological capabilities we did. The goal was to place our missile defense sheild near those nations so they would be protected from hostile, rogue nations who wanted to acquire nuclear weapons. That meant standing up to Vladimir Putin, the defacto leader of Russia, who has been working toward his goal of rebuilding the Soviet Russia of his youth.

Obama, however, has chosen a different route. He has once again allied himself with nations and leaders who value oppression and tyranny over freedom and liberty. He has acquiesced to Russia’s demand that we kill the missile defense shield for Poland and the Czech Republic, two former Soviet bloc countries.

To top it off, Drudge points out that Obama has made this announcement on the 70th anniversary of the Soviet Union’s invasion of Poland. Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II must be spinning in their graves.

Those freedom loving Americans who were swept up into Hopenchange fever and voted for Obama should hang their heads in shame today:

President Barack Obama has told east European states he was backing away from plans for an anti-missile shield there, in a move that may ease Russian-U.S. ties but fuel fears of resurgent Kremlin influence.

Poland said Obama would announce a final decision on the project, a major source of tension between Washington and Moscow, later on Thursday.

The shield, involving interceptor missiles in Poland and a radar complex in the Czech republic, was promoted by Obama’s predecessor George W. Bush to defend against any missile launches from “rogue” states such as Iran and North Korea.

“Today, shortly after midnight, Barack Obama telephoned me to announce that his government is backing away from the intention of building a missile defense radar on Czech territory,” Czech Prime Minister Jan Fischer told reporters.

“The Czech Republic acknowledges the decision.”

A senior Polish source close to the negotiations told Reuters Warsaw had received a similar message. “We will not have the interceptors for now.”

Obama shows us once again that his presidential decisions are Carteresque. Obama’s choice to abandon the missile shield for Poland and the Czech Republic is nearly as bad as Carter’s decision to abandon the Shah of Iran. As that was the opening for radical Islam to grow and overtake the Middle East, killing the missile shield for Poland and the Czech Republic provides an opening for Putin to turn his attentions back to reconquering those countries that Ronald Reagan helped free from tyranny and oppression and put them under the iron-fisted rule of a Soviet style Putinian Russia.

What Obama has done is nothing short of disgraceful and an anathema to all that the United States of America stand for.

It takes a man of character to do the hard things, to make the hard decisions, to be willing to be unpopular with the world’s bully in order to protect those who are less powerful but wish to live free. Sadly, as we are all witnessing, President Obama doesn’t have that kind of character.

Unfortunately, this decision is not an outlier. Instead, it illustrates a pattern of antagonism toward countries that value constitutional democracy and freedom. The most recent example is the Obama administration’s throwing Honduras under the bus. It just recently cut off $31 million in aid after the Honduras supreme court ruled that then-president Zelaya acted illegally when he attempted to install himself as president indefinitely. Obama has in this case allied himself with Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro.

Who would have thought than an American president would cast aside relationships with countries that value liberty and freedom and instead find comaraderie with the likes of Chavez, Castro, and now Putin.

Senator Jon Kyl weighs in this morning (via The Weekly Standard):

“The decision announced today by the Administration is dangerous and short-sighted. Not only does this decision leave America vulnerable to the growing Iranian long-range missile threat, it also turns back the clock to the days of the Cold War, when Eastern Europe was considered the domain of Russia. This will be a bitter disappointment, indeed, even a warning to the people of Eastern Europe.

“Despite the fact that Poland and the Czech Republic have committed their soldiers to fight alongside U.S. forces in places like Iraq and Afghanistan, today the Administration has turned its back on these allies.

“The message the Administration sends today is clear: the United States will not stand behind its friends and views ‘re-setting’ relations with Russia more important. This is wrong!

“What’s more, the timing of this announcement, just as the Administration sits down with its Russian counterparts again on the START follow-on treaty, makes clear that the Administration ignored the input of senators of both parties who warned that linking START and missile defense would be ill-advised.”

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