Bill Nelson, Robert Menendez, Racists

Add two more to the list of Democrat Racists.

Dems sore after being kept out of the room [I guess it was whites only -ED]

Sen. Max Baucus spent months trying to win over Republicans on healthcare — to no avail.

But his most challenging task is convincing members of his own party that he has their interests in mind. …

Rockefeller said there is “no way” he will vote for the bill, giving any other Democrat on the panel a chance to stymie it if he or she also votes no. The Finance panel has a 13-10 Democratic advantage.

Two Democrats on the panel, Sens. Bill Nelson (Fla.) and Robert Menendez (N.J.), have publicly voiced concerns with provisions in the legislation.

That Nelson was a racist surprised me but I figured Menendez was a racist, being from the north and all.

John Sweeney, Racist
Northwest full of Racist Senators