The Massachusetts Way

Earlier, I wrote about how the Massachusetts Democratic machine is pretty much whatever it can to keep Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat firmly under Democratic buttocks. (Sorry for the image, folks.) And in pursuit of that, nothing will stand in their way — law, morality, principle, common decency, integrity, or anything.

Keep that in mind, folks. Because if there’s one thing you can count on Massachusetts Democrats to do, it’s to find new ways of expressing their utter scumbaggery.

One of the earliest announced candidates for the seat is state senator Scott Brown. He’s a leading Republican politician in the Bay State (which very much embodies the concept of “tallest midget” — there are barely a dozen Republicans who hold elective office at the state level or higher, contrasted with over 200 Democrats). Brown is a lawyer, a member of the Army National Guard (for nearly 30 years), and last got some national attention when his daughter, Ayla Brown, made it through several qualifying rounds of American Idol.

Well, one part of that resume’ has been poked at for a preliminary test of Brown’s vulnerability. And care to guess which one? (Remember, these attacks are coming from Massachusetts Democrats, so the scummier, the better.)

That’s right, his National Guard service.

Senator Brown is also Lieutenant Colonel Brown of the Judge Advocate General’s office. And a member of the governor’s staff (Democrat Deval Patrick, known locally as “Obama Lite”) put in a call to see if the law permitted Brown to seek federal office while serving in the National Guard.

What’s playing out in Massachusetts is very familiar. Constantly rewrite or reinterpret existing election laws to put Republicans at a disadvantage (or exclude them altogether) (hello, New Jersey!); find ways to get opponents off the ballot entirely (hello, Obama rivals!), and abuse government office to discredit or destroy your opponents (hello, Joe the Plumber).

To be honest, Brown doesn’t have much of a chance. His only real hope is if the Democrats who will fight for their party’s nomination beat each other up so badly that the eventual winner is so damaged that he might squeak through. And that’s presuming that the legislature doesn’t just undo the law they passed in 2004 to keep then-governor Romney from appointing would-be President Kerry’s successor and put the power back in the hands of the governor.

Whose staff is trying to get a leading Republican off the ballot before there’s even a primary.

Ah, Massachusetts. You do such a wonderful service to the nation, showing just what happens when one party — especially the Democrats — are given complete and total political power.

My mother would have been proud. “Everyone has a purpose in life — even if it’s just to be a bad example.”

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