La, La, La, I Can’t Hear You

Most liberals handled this weekend’s march on DC the same way a five-year-old child handles something they don’t want to hear — by putting their fingers in their ears and repeating la, la, la, la, la….

“La la la. I can’t hear you.” That’s what la-la liberals spent the entire weekend saying when confronted with the reality of the September 12 march on Washington. Confronted with an oncoming tsunami, many on the left spent the weekend quibbling over how many drops of water it contained. Others ignored it completely.

…The phrase “conservatives taking to the streets” is one that I have not yet gotten used to hearing quite yet. But as foreign as it still sometimes seems to me, it must be 100 times more difficult for liberals to grasp the concept. I get it. I understand that they must be in shock.

I understand that they are desperate for any way to change the subject. But to look at pictures of throngs of people stretching on for blocks and blocks and blocks and blocks and to try to pretend there were only a few thousand there is delusional. Many of those on the left may have convinced themselves that their eyes really didn’t see what was there, but I suspect they know exactly what is happening. They are just not yet at a place where they can face the reality of it.
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Update: Just another “la la la” momentthis one from Charles Gibson.

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