Deeply Offended by Obama’s Color

Maybe color matters after all.

When Joe Wilson called Obama a liar for asserting in his big speech that no illegal aliens would be covered under the Democrats’ proposed health care plan, liberals were undeterred by the fact that Obama had just gotten through calling all of his opponents liars; by the fact that Obama was, to put it politely, misstating things when he made his claim about coverage for illegal aliens; and that Democrats had treated Bush just as rudely. Nope, what mattered to liberals was the (to them) obvious fact that, because he is a Southerner, Joe Wilson’s sole reason for shouting out was Obama’s skin color….

Well, I have a confession to make. Here it is. All of the liberal pundits are correct. I do have a big problem, a really big problem, with Obama’s color. But my problem isn’t the color of Obama’s skin, which is completely irrelevant to me. Instead, it’s with the color of his politics. With every passing day, Obama is proving to be an old-fashioned Red – a true, bone-deep socialist.Read it all at Bookworm Room

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