World’s Oldest Person Dead At Age 115

Rest in peace, Ms. Baines.


Gertrude Baines, the world’s oldest known person who once quipped she had won the genetic lottery, died Friday at a nursing home. She was 115.

Baines likely suffered a heart attack but an autopsy will be conducted to confirm the cause of death, said her longtime physician, Dr. Charles Witt.

Baines celebrated her birthday at the nursing home April 6 with music, two cakes and a letter from President Barack Obama, whom she voted for in November.

Featured on local television newscasts when she cast her ballot, Baines, who is black, said she backed him “because he’s for the colored.” She said she never thought she would live to see a black man become president.

“We were hoping to have her until the next election,” Exconde said. “We’ll miss her.”

Born in 1894. Truly amazing. Living that long through such a century of human change, advancement, and suffering. Bearing witness to events that most of us only quickly read of in history books.

I wonder: Do they really need to preform an autopsy on a 115 year old person? I would venture to say she died of old age, no matter the scientific curiosity.

Concerning Ms. Baines backing Obama “because he’s for the colored,” well, all due respect for the dead, but, that’s as vapid a reason one could have. Unfortunately, I’m sure, she is certainly not alone in this well reasoned motive.

As for Ms. Exconde’s lamentations that “we were hoping to have her until the next election,” I wouldn’t worry too much.

ACORN will find a way to make her vote from the grave count in 2012.

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