Hypocrites On Parade

President Obama reverted to full campaign mode last night.

His bellowing rhetoric and displays of phony conviction reverberated throughout the chamber, with his fellow socialists wildly applauding his every word.

Reaction from the left was instantaneous, with live blogging and minute-by-minute updates.

Blogs like the Huffington Post and Daily Kos had Obamagasms as the night unfolded. One mesmerized commentator at Huff-Po said, “I am sitting here thinking that was one of the very best Presidential speeches I have ever heard. JFK’s inaugural and a couple of FDR’s best are the only ones I can think of that moved me so much.”


Over at Kos, they weren’t as smitten. Not that they did not love the speech, but their collective hatred of Republicans trumped their admiration for it.

No less than four articles on the front page were dedicated to Representative Joe Wilson’s “You lie!” outburst, which was the only true statement to have come out of the entire hour. (As of 5:00pm EST, the number of articles about those two words at Kos ballooned to NINE.)

They have nothing more to get behind then manufactured outrage over one person’s two word comment. The hyperventilation about this is so disingenuous and hypocritical of these leftist mental patients that one wonders how they keep their cookies down when looking into a mirror.

For a sample of this hypocrisy, here is a bit of Nevada Senator Harry Reid’s feelings toward President Bush:

From factcheck.org:

Reid originally called Bush a “liar” in 2002 after a speech that Bush gave about storing nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain in Nevada, saying, ” President Bush is a liar. He betrayed Nevada and the betrayed the country.”

Reid questioned Bush’s truthfulness again in late April of 2005 in the midst of the battle over judicial filibusters in the Senate. In a press release, Reid said:

Harry Reid, April 5:

Last week, I met with the president and was encouraged when he told me he would not become involved in Republican efforts to break the Senate rules. Now, it appears he was not being honest, and that the White House is encouraging this raw abuse of power.

Reid made another personal attack on Bush at Del Sol High School in Nevada on May 6, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal:

Reid, May 6:

The man’s father is a wonderful human being. I think this guy is a loser.

Later, in an interview with Rolling Stone from June 2, Reid confirmed that he had called Bush both a “liar” and a “loser“:

Q: You’ve called Bush a loser.

Reid: And a liar.

Q: You’ve apologized for the loser comment.

Reid: But never for the liar, have I.

I’ve searched through the bowels of the Kos archives and could not find one statement of condemnation directed at Reid for these disrespectful, personal attacks against President Bush.

The online empires of places such as Huff-Po and the Daily Kos are predicated on nothing but hatred and demonization of all things not conforming to the leftest agenda.

Instead of attempting to accentuate the positives they may find in Obama’s lecture, the focus of all their energy since has been dedicated to hyping up faux-outrage over one man’s two little words.

I guess “speaking truth to power” is out of style now.

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