Obama Fatigue Syndrome

We’re tired.

For 5 years, Americans have been the constant target of a visual and verbal saturation bombing.

All things Barack, all the time.

Since his address at the democratic convention in 2004, his almost mystical aura, happily created and packaged by a compliant main stream media, has dazzled many in this nation, rendering useless any ability to sincerely question and analyze his background, experience, or actual social agenda.

Focusing on style over substance has been the modus operandi of the left and their propagandists in the media, with the goal of creating a “Camelot-lite”, regardless of Obama’s radical personal and public history.

However, thankfully, this supposed master of oratory, magician of communication, a telepromtorial genius, has blitzkrieged our senses to a point where we are finally examining what he is saying instead of how he says it.

Better late than never.

Since the HealthScare debate has begun in earnest, Obama has held approximately 112 townhalls, speeches, and conferences concerning this issue. For a man who has garnered a reputation for being able to convince others that he knows what is best for them, these past few months must have seemed surreal. A simple slight of hand is no longer enough to mesmerize the audience into thinking he magically has all the answers. His muddled, incoherent message, in conjunction with his elite friends in the most hated congress in history, have inadvertently accomplished stirring something which has been absent from the people of this country for a long time:


We care about this nation and its future. We care about being able to maintain our way of life to which we have become accustomed. We care about honesty, character, and motives.

We care to have our voices heard.

We are no longer indifferent spectators who sit by feeling helplessly trapped in a climate where political deceit and personal lust for power have become expected, and, in most circumstances, ignored.

We are finally discovering that, just as Obama has faith in his abilities to lead people off a cliff, we have just as much faith in ourselves to make a difference.

Tonight, after 112 failed attempts to connive our citizens into relinquishing more of our freedom and fortune, Obama will once again use the power of his position to play ringmaster to a room full of political clowns.

He will attempt to “simplify” the debate, or more appropriately, “dumb-down” the facts for a population which he holds in contempt. He’ll most likely have some dramatic stories from individuals who have been “victims” of the nation’s health care system, perhaps even having a few in the audience, sitting next to his wife: A woman who has expressed that she felt no pride in her country until her husband was elected.

The heartstrings will be tugged. Likely, Edward Kennedy will be injected into the script. The demonization of opponents will continue apace. His democratic congressional majority will whoop and applaud at every break in a sentence, believing the louder the praise, the more people can be duped into blindly accepting social engineering conducted against them.

He may get a bump. Some may be fooled. Many will not.

One thing is certain: This is not the same electorate that flippantly gave him the Presidency.

“Hope and change” has indeed occurred. Just not the type he expected.

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