Cuba’s Free Health Care

Michael Moore is getting rich off of his “documentaries.” His newest is about how capitalism is evil. It’s really disgusting how Moore lies to his movie viewers and dupes them into thinking socialism is the answer to all their problems. In his movie “Sicko,” Moore insisted Cuba offered better health care than America. What he showed in his film was the fake facility that is used for PR purposes. It’s clean, high tech, and overall very impressive.

But it’s not a representation of the real Cuban health care system that everyday Cubans are forced to use. Here’s the real health care system in Cuba. The following picture was taken by a tourist and emailed to The Real Cuba along with this note:

“My God, I have just returned from my first visit to Cuba. I am SO sorry for what Fidel Castro has done to this beautiful country and people. I visited a hospital in his home town of Santiago and could not believe my eyes, it was disgusting. I could never imagine my parents or family having to endure a night in that shithole with cockroaches. What has this man done to this beautiful country and people? I thought S. Africa was bad enough but the real poverty and what I saw defies description, I was truly angered , frustrated and really saddened. F.C should be ashamed of himself. I cannot sleep without thinking of all those poor people left to their own devices, hardly any food, vegetables, fruit. I saw the REAL Cuba as I have a Cuban friend but I am sure most tourists do not even have a clue what is happening there. 20 Oct 2008.T.T”


How would you react if you were taken to the hospital and your bed looked like this one at the Hogar Provincial de Ancianos Marina Azcuy, in Pinar del Rio:


Be sure to head over to The Real Cuba and see the rest of images from the Cuban hosptals that Michael Moore didn’t see.

And Castro is the man Diane Watson says was “one of the brightest leaders” she’s ever met. I wonder if she would be satisfied with the health care system he’s set up in his workers’ paradise.

Hat tip: Small Dead Animals

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