The Winds Of Change

Like him or not, Glenn Beck deserves high praise for his dogged efforts in bringing to light the dark, radical, communist past of Obama lackey Van Jones.

It has been an illuminating illustration of the willful disconnect between the state-run media and reality.

For weeks, this has been a stinking, peeling onion, discussed only in the new alternative media. One which the MSM has chosen not to report, believing they still control the power of one-sided propaganda. Only after Van Jones’ ousting, have some of them commented on his treasonous past.

This may prove to be a final death-blow to their declining industry. For the farther away they move from the truth, the closer they inch toward extinction.

Instead of listening to facts, and even ignoring how the man has described himself throughout his life, the left screams “conspiracy”, attempting to paint any investigative reporting or criticism of Obama and his appointed henchmen as futile “smear campaigns” by that “vast-right-wing” thingy.

While this is a vindicating win for the many who have proclaimed Obama’s past and present associations allow us a frightening glimpse into the machinations of his mind, it more importantly shows that when people are given differing viewpoints and insight, they are able to contrast the products and decide for themselves what is right and wrong.

It has long been said the best friend of a politician is an ignorant public.

This episode, in conjunction with the grassroots opposition participating in the myriad of town hall meetings concerning Obama’s HealthScare, has shown that a populace which was once politically numb and hypnotized by the mesmerizing huckster from Chicago, has, finally, woken from their civic slumber.

This bodes ill for this administration. It is especially daunting to the herd of embattled congress-people who found their month long recess to be a lesson of profound humility, whether they recognize it or not. The people of this nation flexed their informed, opinionated muscle, and rightfully bullied these pampered, elitist snobs into actually listening to the ones who got them where they are in the first place.

Most of congress consists of walking poster-children for term limits. We know that will not materialize of their own volition.

We will have to do it ourselves. We have the power to decide who gets in and for how long. We do not need them: They need us.

The ousting of Van Jones is a victory which has both energized and emboldened a population of politically punch-drunk citizens. It is, however, just a small step in what will be a long journey toward retaking our rightful place as the owners of this country. Obama’s HealthScare, “cap and tax” scam, and perhaps most importantly, the approaching debate over illegal immigration, are all battles looming on our political horizon. These will culminate into a long, hard fought war for the soul and future of this country.

People are finally acknowledging that this administration is waging political and social terrorism against the citizens of our nation. As divisive as this may seem, in the end, it may be the one thing which finally unites us.

A new American Revolution is coming. A revolution that will be won at ballot boxes and voting booths all across this country. This may be Obama’s “Waterloo”, but it will be our “Yorktown.”

“We will not tire. We will not falter, and we will not fail.”

Game on.

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