Church And State. Together Again.

I attended church today.

It has been almost two years since my last visit.

I always say to myself that I really should make an earnest attempt to attend regularly, but, for whatever reasons, I just haven’t.

Sometimes I will go through a phase where I just think to myself, I will honor God in my own way, without the pomp of ritual. That, however, always turns out to be an exercise in futility, and I find myself returning to the setting in which I feel most comfortable.

I always gain a bit of insight. Some inner peace. A calming of the churning emotions clogging up my mind.

An hour a week. Just an hour a week to devote myself to something which enriches my life, where I can connect with and give thanks to the God in which I believe.

Seems time well spent.

We had a good mass today. A fine sermon was delivered, and I felt a personal satisfaction knowing I at least slowed things down a bit for a purpose that can only be described as good.

Today was particularly poignant.

After the mass ended, the final song to be sung was “God Bless America.”

It was so fulfilling to hear fellow citizens proudly joining in to sing such a wonderful tribute to our country. You could feel the emotion in the building rising, uplifting the spirit of the moment. I found myself choking up with pride as I heard the words echo through the church, sung so sincerely.

At the end, the entire congregation erupted into applause.

I felt proud. Very proud.

God has been eliminated from so many aspects of our lives. I don’t mind some of it. I feel it to be a very personal decision, and as such, it should be engaged and nurtured with the loving care of family and friends.

Yet I could not help but juxtapose the situation to the reality.

Here we are, in a society which has come to shun many things involving God and religion, yet, in a place of worship, we were singing a profoundly patriotic song.

What a wonderful testament to the greatness of our country.

God Bless America, indeed.

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