The White House to Fly the Flag of the People’s Republic of China

Well, considering China virtually owns our country anyway with all the debt we’ve asked them to buy, how do we say no? It’s so depressing.

Gateway Pundit is on target with his warning: “It has begun.”

We are so far off the philosophy of free markets and free people from our country’s founding. Gone are the days of advocating and promoting freedom in countries world wide. Did you know that Obama is siding with Chavez and Castro regarding Honduras? The Honduras Supreme Court ruled in favor of its constitutional government and ousted former president Zelaya who was trying to impose an unconstitutional law that would allow him to be president forever. Obama, Chavez, and Castro all called that ruling a military coup. I didn’t think I’d ever see the day when an American president would side with two communist dictators and denounce a country for being a constitutional democracy. As I said earlier, we’re living in Bizarro World.

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