Liberals Think it is Funny that Man Whose Finger Was Bitten Off By Obamacare Supporter Has Medicare

Recently some liberal online activists admitted that conservatives were using Twitter to much greater advantage than they were. No wonder. When you read some of the stuff they post on Twitter, it is no wonder the medium is not helping them. A recent case in point — David Shuster’s recent tweet regarding the 65-year-old man who had his finger bitten off by a health care reform advocate at a demonstration.

The man’s name is William Rice, but MSNBC’s David Shuster called him “finger guy” in his tweet. First Shuster tweeted, “that’s right, it was medicare… a govt run program that represents all the protestor objects to… it was medicare that treated him.” Later he tweeted, “the point is that finger guy opposes govt run programs, except when it’s his finger that needs medical help.”

Shuster was not the only liberal blogging or tweeting about how supposedly ironic and hypocritical it was that Rice had Medicare. Here are just a handful (pardon the pun) of many other examples:

camsteh Anti-Healthcare protestor gets finger bitten off at rally. “She says he had Medicare,” the story states. Thousands die from irony overdose.

Ramotringo @Hst3 @Dufus @rebeccay Shouting teabagger,(against gov-run h/care), who lost piece of finger, luckily had Medicare card in his wallet.

hasaclue Protesting govt health care. Finger bitten off. What to do? Govt health care to the rescue! Medicare! Oh only u should have it!

awall04 RT Headline: Anti Health Care reform dudes finger bitten off at rally. Gets it sewn on at Hospital w/MEDICARE!!!

ToadMan628: Someone’s senior lost part of his finger today! And he was against Socialized HC. Guess that medicare card came in handy?

agategal It’s sure fortunate that the anti-health-care-reform/anti-government guy who had his finger bit off yesterday…is on Medicare.
In addition to some in tweets and blog posts coming across sounding like they were incredibly amused that Mr. Rice’s finger was bitten off and that he had to seek medical attention, I think the argument is a perfect example of how flawed the liberal position on Obamacare is. Wow, the man is 65 years old and he is on Medicare. Wow, how amazing is that? Uh, not very. In case you missed it, he is 65 years old.

Since some of the debate over the issue occurred on Twitter, here are a few responses to Shuster’s tweet.

CM_DeB @DavidShuster:

“U act like seniors had the choice to opt in or opt out of SS or Medicare. They are now owed what was forcibly taken from them.”

“The protestor, w/ his finger bit off, paid into Medicare for DECADES! He is owed the $ the government confiscated from him!”

“Many on Medicare have supplemental private insurance and, yet, it’s still almost broke.”

“Medicare is $ paid back that was confiscated from paychecks for 40+ years Not exactly good example since it’s almost broke.”

GOPthinker @DavidShuster And Medicare will be bankrupt in 10 years. Next question, Shuster?

Kerry_Picket @DavidShuster Oh you mean the medicare the president is looking to cut.

rb2bb @davidshuster you’re sick on ironic. Being on medicare is not a gotcha on our seniors, they are worried about their future and ours.

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