Former Red Sox Curt Schilling Is Interested In Kennedy’s Senate Seat


In an interview with The Boston Herald, former Red Sox ace Curt Schilling hinted that he’s considering a run for the Senate seat formerly held by Ted Kennedy. He’s a Republican in a Democratic stronghold, but he’s got more name recognition in the state (due to his World Series heroics) than pretty much anyone in the state.

The 42-year-old father of four threw nothing but high, hard fastballs in an interview with the Herald yesterday, saying too many Bay State politicians have “dirty hands.”

“We’ve got a political system and a group of people that suck, and that needs to change,” said Schilling.

The former ace said he’s been contacted by Republican officials about a Senate bid, but he still needs the blessing of his wife, Shonda.

If he does decide to run it’s worth remembering that nobody though Arnold Schwarzenegger could win the special election (and re-election) in California.

As usual the most succinct summation of the story was provided by FARK:

Curt Schilling tosses his bloody sock into the Massachusetts Senate race

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