“How about a little game of solitaire …”

Michelle Malkin has been all over this embarrassing photo taken of Democratic members of the Connecticut state legislature, during a floor speech by a Republican legislator made as part of a chamber debate on the state budget:


Another photo shows another legislator directly behind these two watching a baseball game online. A commenter noted the identities of the legislators in the photos:

“Using a little detective work and a seating chart, the woman is [State Democrat Rep. Barbara] Lambert. That would make the person to her left [State Democrat Rep. Jack] Hennessy, and the unshown person two rows behind watching baseball likely [State Democrat Rep. Russ] Morin.”

Jack Hennessy is, according to Michelle Malkin, the Assistant Majority Leader of the Connecticut legislature.

Connecticut Democrats responded to Malkin’s original post by explaining that the photo was taken during a “marathon 13 hour budget session,” and that the solitaire games and other diversions were only “momentary.” Malkin replied, “I bet Connecticut voters are more than a wee bit curious about how “momentary” those “momentary diversions” really have been.

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