Did Google Street View Photograph Kidnapper Garrido?

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It sure looks like it…

A Boing Boing commenter noticed that the Google maps view of Phillip Garrido’s home address (1554 Walnut Avenue, Antioch, CA) shows a rusted van in the driveway, but the street view shows the van following the same path as the Google image takers.

If you go to super zoom view it appears that there may be a more than one person in the van, though it’s pretty hard to tell. Given the age of the van the passenger window is probably manually operated, giving credence to the possibility that there may actually be a passenger in the photo.


In other creepy news Garrido’s wife apparently misses the children and thinks of them as family. She’s pretty twisted too, since Jaycee Lee Dugard and her children were forced to live in tents behind the main house. I think Nancy Garrido’s is confusing the victim and her children with pets…

Nancy Garrido should get whatever punishment her husband does. If that’s death I doubt you’ll see any tears shed for her.

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