The Two Sides Of Hope And Change

Much of what has the Obama administration and the liberals in Congress flummoxed is what may have been a bad look at the Hope and Change pitch served up in 2008. The 100 MPH political fastball that the media claimed was delivered from closer Barack Obama appears to have been a slow hanging curve, knocked out of the park by the President’s opposition.

McClatchy is running a piece today titled “Summer of our discontent: Why is America so angry?”. Predictably, the McClatchy piece spins furiously in defense of the Obama administration and weaves a fabric of militias, secessionists and tax protestors that is transparent in its attempt to marginalize the opposition. Based on my unscientific opinion analysis, which is limited to talking to voters (disclosure: many of whom are small business owners, entrepreneurs, employed and unemployed from companies large and small, or retired) across the nation the findings are very straightforward.The spring and summer of their discontent can be reduced to a small list of issues:

  • Millions of Americans are newly unemployed with no prospects of employment. After six months without a job a lot of folks get really upset. With no hope on the horizon, they get really angry.
  • The Stimulus legislation was a fraud. Voters are figuring that out (particularly those without a job). They can do the math very quickly: One Trillion divided by 14.5 million equals $68,000. I know, the finer calculus of Keynesian economics abhors such simple arithmetic, but among those that have been jobless for months (or years) this is the equation that increasingly occupies their thinking during the night sweats (where it is manifested as one of those Big Yellow books at Barnes and Noble titled “Jobs for Dummies – 2009″, by Barrack Obama and Nancy Pelosi” )
  • Taxes are set to increase on a wide swathe of taxpayers (except Congressmen and Treasury Secretaries that don’t pay taxes), the very taxpayers that the unemployed know are sources of potential jobs. If the promise of sun setting the Bush tax cuts was not sufficiently discouraging, the promise of a huge regressive tax like Cap and Trade is an effective confidence crusher.
  • Banks are not getting healthier and they are not lending money. Voters have figured out that TARP funds being repaid through the front door long departed by the back door via the Federal Reserve, which will not reveal the details of its activities. Taxpayers would readily admit that the arcane minutia of the Fed balance sheet is beyond their grasp, but how the Federal Reserve lends out three trillion dollars more than usual in one year will grab their attention. Will the Fed get that money back? Chairman Bernanke not only is not saying, he’s giving a stiff arm to Congress and taxpayers.

McClatchy, on cue, plays the domestic terrorism card by invoking the concern of the Southern Poverty Law Center:

The ranks of self-styled militia groups is on the rise, with 50 new groups cropping up, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, a civil rights group that tracks hate groups.
They’re just bristling with anger,” said Larry Keller, who wrote a recent analysis of militia for the center. “It’s the most growth we’ve seen in 10-12 years. It’s not what it was in the early ’90s, but it’s trending that way.”

If that is the only rebuke the Left can bring to the myriad concerns voters have about the economic, social and entitlement revolution that President Obama and Congress are foisting on the electorate then the widely suspected emptiness of the Left is confirmed. What the ideolgues at McClatchy, and their brethren in Congress, The White House and the Fed have blinded themselves to is a boiling, fomenting anger among the just, the law abiding and the faithful. What is also lost upon them is that there are millions of Democrats among this roiling cauldron that are extremely angry. These are some of the same Democrats that voted for Barack Obama. What differentiates them from then and now? In no particular order,here is a brief list:

  • Healthcare for themselves or their parents.
  • Taxes.
  • Their retirement savings.
  • National security.
  • The integrity of the U S dollar.
  • A job

There isn’t a simpler and clearer political platform on which to run. Hopefully someone is listening.

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