I Call Bull On This One — Just How Stupid Do They Think You Are?

According to Jake Tapper:

Responding to criticism from former Vice President Cheney that President Obama is making the nation more vulnerable to terrorism, the president’s National Security Adviser, Gen. Jim Jones (Ret.), told ABC News in an exclusive interview that actually the reverse is true: President Obama’s greater success with international relations has meant more terrorists put out of commission.

I tweeted the following in response:

NSA claims Obama better taking terrorists out of commission than Bush. http://tinyurl.com/mzsf9v How, by bringing them into his admin.?

Now that I have had a few minutes to think about it though, I just have to ask “How stupid do they think we are?” Pretty damn stupid if you ask me.

“The world is coming together on this matter now that President Obama has taken the leadership on it and is approaching it in a slightly different way – actually a radically different way – to discuss things with other rulers to enhance the working relationships with law enforcement agencies – both national and international.”

Jones said that “we are seeing results that indicate more captures, more deaths of radical leaders and a kind of a global coming-together by the fact that this is a threat to not only the United States but to the world at-large and the world is moving toward doing something about it.”

The former Marine General didn’t provide any specific numbers to back up his claim, but he said “there is an increasing trend and I think we seen that in different parts of the world over the last few months for sure.” He added that he was not “making a tally sheet saying we are killing more people, capturing more people than they did — that is not the issue.” How bleeping stupid? Read it again, people. Obama is doing more to capture and kill terrorists and we know this because “we are seeing results that indicate more captures, more deaths of radical leaders” and lots of global community hooey, but don’t ask for numbers or anything because that is not the issue. How stupid do they think we are? More stupid than you can imagine. More stupid than an Ace Ventura or a Dumb and Dumber movie. Much more stupid than that. It will be interesting to see how this one flies. I have a feeling they are going to find out all but the most devoted Obama followers are going to have a hard time swallowing this one.

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