The American Thinker: Obama as Leninoid

If you read only one piece today, make it this American Thinker article by James Lewis. In it Mr. Lewis discusses the similarities between Barack Obama and Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. He, of course, notes that Obama and Lenin are not the same as they lived in different times and ruled under different circumstances, but there are enough similarities that they must be examined and understood. We must know what Obama and his leftist minions think if we are to protect ourselves from him and successfully vote him out of office in 2012. There is so much in the article that is educational and informative that it’s almost impossible to quote only some of it, but I’ll give it a shot anyway.

This the aspect of Obama’s Leninoidism that is probably the most obvious to everyone who is paying attention. Those who think Obama is following Saul Alinsky’s playbook may not realize that the Alinksy model, really, is nothing more than the Lenin model:

Demonizing the opposition

Obama constantly demonizes. He has demonized auto companies, and fired the president of GM. He has demonized the insurance companies, and doctors who supposedly do tonsillectomies even when that isn’t needed, just to make money. Or they amputate limbs for diabetics rather than treat them with drugs. Those are lies, and they are lies designed to make the scapegoats look evil. They are malevolent lies.

Lenin was a first-rate demagogue. That is how he was able to make the transition between community organizer and Glorious Leader of a vast country with tens of millions of people. Lenin raised the art of demagogy to a national and international level, using the international media and the educational systems as instruments of wall-to-wall propaganda.

Anti-Obama protesters have now been described as an “unruly mob” by the media, which are in total hock to Obama. Radical guru Saul Alinsky simply called the American middle class “the enemy.” (That would be you and me.).

It’s weird for an American president to consider most of the American population “the enemy.” This is not like Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neil getting together for drinks after a hard day of political infighting in Washington. This Rahm Emanuel’s politics as Kill! Kill! Kill! Alinsky gave radicals the recipe for mob scapegoating, and admitted that yes, it was destructive and cruel, but tough noogies. Alinsky admired tough treatment of enemies, which is why he stayed friends with Frank Nitti, Chicago mobster and therefore a professional killer, drug runner, and career criminal.

Obama has openly said words approaching the famous line from The Untouchables: “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.” Alinsky and Capone would have toasted that one. So would Lenin. It strikes me as weird for an American president to think of domestic politics as all-out war — especially given the reality of real enemies in the world who openly wish us ill.

Take the time to read every word of James Lewis’ article. He also discusses the Obama/Lenin concepts of cult of personality, revolution comes from above, scapegoating the rich, exploiting ethnic hatreds, controlling the media, and others. Lewis’ article gives us important insight into Obama’s actions and beliefs and puts them into a context that we can better understand. If we are going to defend our nation, our freedoms, and our liberties by pushing back against Obama’s machinations, we need to know exactly who he is and what motivates him.

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