John Kerry Writes about Ted Kennedy

In a column published in Newsweek today, Kerry calls Kennedy his compassionate friend. Hmm. I think Mary Jo would take issue with that characterization.

Update: Obama’s description of Kennedy is even more revolting:

Obama praised Kennedy as “a kind and tender hero.”

Update II: The New York Times reports that Obama called Kennedy the “soul of the Democratic Party.” That explains a lot about the Democratic Party as it has become very clear lately that it doesn’t have much of a soul.

Update III: Doctor Zero has a post at Hot Air’s Green Room that speaks the hard truth about Kennedy. Here are the final two paragraphs of an outstanding post:

Many reasons have been offered for Ted Kennedy’s long, expensive, debased career: He was trading on his family name. The voters of Massachusetts thrust him on the country by perpetually re-electing him. It was America’s collective fault for letting him get away with Chappaquiddick. The media loved him because they love epic tales of heroic liberal politicians. We can learn not to repeat all of those mistakes.

When you go into the voting booths next year, remember what the past week has taught you about the Democrats. It would have been one thing to offer a salute to the parts of his political agenda they agreed with, while acknowledging the dark side. The full-on hagiography, coupled with the disgusting attempts to dismiss Mary Jo Kopechne’s life as a small price to pay for political power, reveal that this party knows nothing about the meaning of redemption, responsibility, and the value of individual human lives. The rest of us can neither afford nor tolerate anyone like Ted Kennedy, ever again.


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