The Most Horrible Thing You’ll Read All Day

This quote by Phillip Garrido, the man (along with his wife) who was arrested for kidnapping and confining Jaycee Dugard in his backyard for 18 years. In addition to kidnapping her, he raped her and sired two children who were also kept in confinement.

“In the end, this is going to be a powerful, heartwarming story. My life has been straightened out” in recent years, he said. “Wait till you hear the story of what took place at this house. You’re going to be absolutely impressed. It’s a disgusting thing that took place with me at the beginning, but I turned my life completely around.”

The only way the story turns out heartwarming is if it ends with 50,000 volts of electricity…

Gawker links to the Google Maps of the compound.

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