Will You Still Call Me Superman?

I have a new column up at Townhall.com, Obama’s Kryptonite. In it I discuss some of the reasons Obama’s approval numbers have taken a dive.

The Travel Channel had an “extreme” marathon this weekend – Extreme Waterparks, Extreme Terror Rides, Extreme Restaurants, etc. In the Extreme Towns episode, there was a segment on the town of Metropolis, Illionois, featuring a picture of Barack Obama standing in the Superman pose in front of the town’s 15-foot tall, 2-ton bronze Superman statue. The image reminded me of the superhero status the President had enjoyed as recently as eight months ago and it made me think about the kryptonite that brought him down to earth.

Is it true that, as Obama’s supporters claim, “special interests with a stake in the status quo” have acted as the kryptonite that has weakened the once seemingly invincible Obama? Or are the American people, organized into “angry mobs” across the country, responsible for his fall to earth?

The kryptonite that has caused Obama’s approval numbers to drop 20 points since his inauguration is not a group of people or powerful interests. Truth has been Obama’s kryptonite – truth and reality.

John Hawkins has a great column at Townhall today about five liberal lies about Obamacare. There is lots of other good stuff there too, including one of my favorite columnists — David Limbaugh.  Check it out.

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