For Those who want to say I’m Sorry

If you have buyer’s remorse, feel duped, or are just plain embarrassed that you bought into the hype that was Hopenchange, you now have a place to express your remorse:

The purpose of this website is to tell America that former Obama supporters are no longer proud of their decision. We want everyone to contribute a story of themselves or about someone they know that tells America that they are sorry they voted for Obama.

If You Didn’t Vote for Obama

You can still sign the form and tell us about a friend or coworker that is now ashamed of how they voted.

Everyone knows someone that is avoiding telling people how they voted. You have probably seen people take off their Obama stickers. You might have noticed they no longer talk about politics

We want to hear those stories.

Here are a few apologies and stories:

I voted for Obama in California. I encouraged all my friends and neighbors to do the same. Why? Well, I have an extended African American family by marriage, and I thought it would be empowering for my wonderful nephews to see a black President. I know…it’s not a great method for voting. Also, I was beguiled by the “hope and change” rhetoric. I am a two-time Ross Perot voter, and I really REALLY wanted to find that post-partisan, post-racial American era.

However, six short months later, it is clear that the contents of the Obama presidential box do not match what was on the two-year Obama campaign label.

I have been betrayed. And I won’t vote for him again.

One of my son’s teachers voted for Obama, and had been vocal in his support of Obama prior to the election. When my son saw him at the start of the new school year, the teacher admitted to having made “a big mistake in judgement” and regrets his previous thinking. He’s even considering formally changing parties.

I’m not sorry I didn’t vote for Barry O but my brother is.
He said he just couldn’t see Sarah Palin as VP so he voted for Barry O instead.
Now he’s really mad and as a stockbroker, he’s really scared.
Boy is he stupid.

If you know stories of people who voted for Obama and are now sorry they did, head on over to I am Sorry I Voted for Obama and tell them your story.

Hat tip: Instapundit

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