A “Miracle Child” Mom’s Health Care Plea

If you have been reading my blogging since 2004 you might remember “Miracle Child” Molly Kate. Her mom tells her story and her reasons for opposing any form of government run health care system in an open letter to President Obama (posted at Hot Air). Here is an excerpt:

Our daughter has hydrocephalus and this chronic and incurable condition has required 58 surgeries and numerous tests and hospitalizations through out her 22 years. I can speak to the current controversy over “health care reform” with our long experience with American health care and insurance.

I believe our current health care system, even while riddled with imperfections and purposeful corruption (mostly done by the government), is the absolute best in the world. I would not trade one second of our experience for any other alternative system here, or anywhere else on the planet. And I’d pay again every cent of the hundreds of thousands of dollars we (and our insurance company, a private company we contracted with by choice) paid to keep our daughter alive. No one ever questioned our choice to do everything possible to save our daughter. We did not have to answer to any bureaucrat why she was less valuable or viable than any other child or debate the merits or costs of countless surgeries for a condition that would certainly require more. When she needed care, she got it immediately, without applying to an office for approval. When we ran out of insurance (at surgery 37), we fought for another way and got it through a group healthcare plan for our business. Which had the advantage of giving our 15 employees health care too…there are silver linings even in the worse situations. We gave up many things for the rest of our family and our future to ensure her health care. But, really, we would do it all again.Read the rest at Hot Air.

Update: If you are under 50, find out why you have a bigger stake in the health care debate than the senior citizens who are making their voices heard so loudly.

Bookworm has some examples of government run health care featuring British dental care.

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