Obamacare Rules The Airwaves


And it’s not doing any good…

Jacob Sullum at Reason’s Hit & Run, points out these numbers from The New York Times:

Interest groups on all sides of the debate have spent more than $57 million on television advertisements in six months, most of it in the last 45 days, said Evan Tracey, chief operating officer of the Campaign Media Analysis Group, which tracks television advertisements.

“It’s the most we’ve seen this quick,” Mr. Tracey said. “If it goes on all year, we’re looking at one of the biggest public policy ad wars ever.”

Supporters of Mr. Obama’s plan to overhaul the system have outspent opponents, with $24 million worth of advertising, compared with $9 million from opponents. An additional $24 million has been broadly spent in support of overhauling the system without backing a specific plan.

As Sullum points out, “In other words, advocates of a bigger government role in health care are outspending opponents by more than 5 to 1.”

For that money you’d think they’d be getting more traction. I guess it goes to show you can only polish a turd but so much…

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