Obama: Government Health Care will be like…the Post Office

Barack Obama says that we should not fear private insurance companies competing against the government because that’s what Fed Ex and UPS do and they’re getting along just fine. It’s the Post Office that’s always struggling, he tells us. And this is supposed to alleviate our concerns how, exactly?

Everyone knows that the United States Post Office is always in the red, so Obama telling government run health care skeptics to not worry, it will be like the Post Office is laughable. The Heritage Foundation lists a few pertinent questions that President Obama needs to answer, via Power Line:

1.) The U.S. Post Office is the only entity allowed by federal law to deliver first class mail to your mailbox. In fact, Fedex and UPS are strictly prohibited from delivering “non-urgent” letters. If the government can fairly compete and is setting fair rules, wouldn’t the post office be open to competition at your mailbox?

2.) If Americans were offered “free” postage paid for by massive government spending and tax hikes, would Fedex and UPS still exist?

3.) The Post Office is on track to lose a staggering $7 billion this year alone. How will a government-run health care plan manage taxpayer resources more efficiently?

4.) Postmaster General John Potter says he lacks the “tools” necessary to run the Post Office effectively like a business. Would a government-run health care system have the tools it needs to run as effectively as the private sector entities it is replacing?

5.) On the one hand, the President remarks how great his public health care plan will be. On the other hand, he notes it won’t be good enough to crowd out your private insurance, i.e. the Post Office comparison. So which is it Mr. President? Will it be so great that private insurance disappears or so awful that it isn’t worth creating in the first place?

6.) But the most important question is this: if you have an urgent piece of mail you need delivered, life or death, who are you going to call? Everyone saying the government…please raise your hands. (crickets)

I call UPS or FedEx, just like everyone else.

Update: Jim Treacher has an updated version of the Marvellette’s Wait a Minute, Mr. Postman that’s worth stopping by and seeing.

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