On Law & Order Tea Party Protesters are Like Terrorists Murdering Capitalists

If you watched last night’s episode of Law & Order Criminal Intent, you might have noticed the show’s most recent dig at conservatives. More than a dig this time, really. In the storyline a father and daughter who are pro-Communist terrorists hoping to spark an American revolution against the forces of capitalism, murder some well-known businessmen (capitalist pigs) and blow stuff up. The father marvels that the police have dozens, if not hundreds, of people mobilized trying to stop two people. The daughter says, “It’s not just us. There was another tea party in Boston. Protests in Seattle, one in Houston.”

Yeah. So now tea party protesters are the same as terrorists murdering people and blowing stuff up?

Greg Gutfeld noticed too in the Daily Gut.

Using a profoundly convoluted plotline last night, “Law and Order” somehow linked the benign tea party protests to the Baader Meinhof faction – a violent Pro-communist group from Germany. It’s gross, but it’s not surprising. After all, you have senators accusing citizens of bullying and deception, and a President sounding less like a community organizer, and more like a Union boss.

I’ve watched Law & Order (in its various forms) over the past couple of decades and from time to time they slip in nasty stereotypes of conservatives, so this is nothing new. It is not surprising either. They are simply playing their little part in the media effort to discredit the tea party movement. It might be too late though. The early efforts to discredit the movement involved ignoring or ridiculing it. Now that it has gained traction the effort is to paint it as fringe and dangerous and the participants as “mobs.” Have too many Americans had first hand experience with the tea partiers to buy that story? I guess we will find out. The White House and Democrat leaders in Congress, along with Big Pharma, Big Unions and other “Big” Liberal Interest Groups, are pulling out all the stops to squash the opposition, whether they be at tea parties or town hall meetings.

I am betting on the average Americans who have finally discovered they do have a voice and their opinion does count. They are going up against bazillions of dollars, the full assistance of major media and the full power of the White House and Congress, but I am still betting on the “mob” to come out on top.

Update: Terresa is blogging about the episode at Noisy Room. She says she will never watch the show again.

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