About Sarah Palin’s “Death Panel” Comment

It seems she was spot on, particularly regarding the health care program in Oregon:

Advanced breast and prostate cancers are not covered under Oregon’s government run health care plan? Yikes! But let me guess, these same politicians who prioritize the list maladies every year would pass out assisted suicide drugs in a heartbeat, right?

Hat tip: Hot Air.

Update: Take a look at this column by Cassie Fiano. She writes about Barbara Wagner. She was diagnosed with lung cancer. Her doctor prescribed a revolutionary chemotherapy drug that would shrink and cancer and extend her life or years. The government bureaucrats at the OHP, however, declined to approve the drugs her doctor recommended (what’s this about government not coming between you and your doctor?), but they were more than willing to pay for her doctor-assisted suicide.

Thankfully her doctor went to the drug’s manufacturer and pleaded her case. The company gave her the drugs for free. Yes, the evil, greedy pharmaceutical company gave her the life saving drugs free of charge, while government bureaucrats akin to Nancy Pelosi, who say they are working for the well-being and peace of mind of Americans, said no way, just die already and save us the money.

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