Democratic Congressman Lashed Out At Democrat Who Dares To Question Him On Health Care

Now they’re just lashing out at anyone who dares to question Obamacare. So what if it’s one of their own constituents and a Democrat. Rep. David Scott (D-GA) lashed out at a local doctor who asked about his support for the health care reform, assuming he was an imported plant, since that’s what his playbook told him to expect.

You can read the summary at Red State, and watch the video (highly recommended, though you’ve got to wait through a commercial) below:

I’m surprised he didn’t accuse him of carrying a swastika…

Update: After watching the video again, the man (Dr, David Hill), says he’s not a Republican. He doesn’t say he’s a Democrat, but very well could be. Of course he could be registered in any number of other fringe parties as well.

It’s interesting that in the video the Congressman, who is black, refers to Hill, who is white, as “you people.” If the colors were reversed this video would be leading the nightly news…

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