The Obama Message Machine Is Faltering

There is a giant unwinding of the mighty Obama message machine occurring in Middle America right now. In fact there is a whiff of desperation from On High as the town hall meeting incidents put the lie to the meme that these protestors to ObamaCare are the product of some organized group like, say, the Service Employees International Union. The real news is that Alinsky tactics are beginning to fail as voters begin a slow, but relentless, pushback against the ‘hurry up” and “do it now” tactics of the White House and Congress.

The snitch on your neighbor scheme ( has become the stuff of comedy in just one day. I self reported to the ObamaCare police and am receiving emails already from Democratic Congress members I have never heard from before. I wonder who else is getting the list? ObamaCare protestors, guilty apparently of protesting while black, are being profiled by organized union thugs in St. Louis and beaten. There’s some hope and change for you, sending union muscle as a policy response. Anyone want to ask Sergeant Crowley about this? Oh, never mind. He’s so last week, ya’ know.

Bill and Hillary must be grinding their teeth right now. But for a few caucus missteps they could be in charge instead of this blundering White House and Congress. Just a year and one half ago the Clintons had a lock on this thing and then that guy from Chicago appeared, fresh off the victories over two divorce impaired opponents. I’m no fan of Bill Clinton’s policies or behavior but I’ll be first in line to admit he was an excellent politician. Barack Obama is no Bill Clinton, and it must be vexing for the latter to know he was so close to another possible eight years in the White House. Now the former president is left to watch the explosion of a presidency that has enjoyed even more liberties with an obsequious media than he could ever dream of.

With local Congressmen hiding during the recess to avoid angry constituents, it remains to be seen if this presidency can remain relevant until even the 2010 mid terms. It may be that with this fracture in the Democratic caucus Humpty Dumpty can’t be put back together again. The phenomenom of Barrack Obama may have reached the tipping point.

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