Loonacy Of Presidential Proportions

Obama has done it.

He’s finally screwed the pooch this time. Drank from his well of invincibility one too many times to discover it’s nothing but pure Kool-aid, and now his shiny, golden veneer is starting to strip away.

He and his gaggle of political goons are scared.

As per his bidding, he and his White House Chicago thugs have been forced to regress from an empty “hope and change” blurb to violent rhetoric like “If you get hit, we will punch you back twice as hard.”

Is this the Sopranos?

Valiant prose like that really makes one proud to be an American right now, doesn’t it? Such class.

We are witnessing an administration and an entire political party to begin to unravel right before our weary eyes, and all in such a short amount of time.

These sniveling Democrats, lowering themselves into calling dissenting Americans names like “Astroturf”, and “internet rumor-mongers” who are “carrying swastikas”, are officially showing the true colors of this pathetic administration and its radical lackeys, and there is nothing their state-run media hacks can do to help them.

Losing control of their seemingly once invincible aura, they have helplessly transformed almost overnight into a frightened Chicago street gang, who, frankly, have gotten the shit kicked out of them by the Neighborhood Watch program.

The resistance to Obama’s Health Scare boondoggle is authentic to the core, from the hearts and minds of well-intentioned, educated, articulate people hailing from all sides of this nation’s political spectrum. They have finally had enough of the crooked Obama-Pelosi-Reid triumvirate, which operates by political stiff-arming, forcing the populace to accept ill-prepared, impossible to understand, shotgun legislation designed to transform the institutions of our nation into their own personal jack-booted thugacracy. Nothing of what they have done has been born of good intentions for the common welfare of our nation. As they are so fond of pointing out, “they won”, and they feel it is their right to operate the way they do, just because they can. And the quicker, larger, and more confusing they make it, the more punch drunk the nation gets.

Not any more.

This week was a turning point. It may well become the defining moment of Obama’s presidency, making him one of the most destructive presidential care-takers in the history of our nation. His master plan of blowing up our country’s institutions in favor of his own warped socialist desires, along with his willing, power-drunk congressional conspirators, is finally starting to sicken the citizenry.

To quote one of our past enemies, Obama has managed to “awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”

He has no idea.

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