Daniel Hannan Sounds the Alarm on Government Run Health Care

Daniel Hannan was on Glenn Beck sounding the alarm on universal health care. As one who lives with the system every day he knows of what he speaks. He sees its failings every day. In his interview he mentions that the UK’s NHS is particularly cruel to the elderly, with stories of older people left unattended to starve to death. He was speaking of stories like this one and this one. Note that Hannan also explains that the NHS was a necessary evil during World War II, which forced rationing of everything, including health care, so Hannan is dumbfounded that America’s leaders want to force the same program on Americans during peacetime.

Some commenters here and elsewhere have asked if the health care system in the UK is so bad, why don’t people demand that it be dismantled? Hannan addresses that one, too, and the answer will floor you. And it also explains why our Democratic leaders want to force this on us.

ObamaCare supporters, watch and learn:

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