Recapping The Pelosi Swastika Reports

Yesterday we showed video of Speaker Pelosi claiming people were attending health care town hall meetings “carrying swastikas and symbols like that to a town meeting on healthcare.”

After, and only after, my look through the lefty blogosphere and community sites turned up nothing on people carrying swastika signs, then – magically – a small picture lands in the hands of a Huffington Post reporter.

This photo shows a crude sign of not quite a swastika (the angle is wrong) with the no sign (red circle with a line through it) around it.

Operating on the assumption that the photo was legit I attempted to verify that it existed somewhere prior to Pelosi’s proclamation. I found 133 high quality photos of the event where the sign is claimed to have been shown, many featuring massive panorama crowd shots. The person and the sign do not appear in any of the photos. The odds of that she isn’t in any of the photos, or any of the other reporting about the event seem pretty long…

All of the above is documented in the original post.

Going forward you’ll see more Hitler and swastika signs, carried by those attempting to buttress Pelosi’s claims.

What you still will have an exceedingly hard time trying to find is evidence of is swastika signs at previous health care rallies that exist on the web from before the time when Pelosi made her claim.

And that appears to be her genius. By making the claim she insures it comes true in the future. Her supporters will guarantee that…

Don’t believe me. Ask this guy who made a living posing as an ashamed Republican. The media couldn’t stop falling for his shtick…

Update: First, I was wrong, the sign in question is in the batch of 133, it’s easy to overlook, but visible here.

Second, our lefty friends want to claim that this is somehow proof that I had it all wrong. I didn’t have anything wrong. At the time of Pelosi’s statement that picture was unknown to everyone, me, the Huffington Post, everyone at Daily Kos, and even to Pelosi herself. It was only revealed after I proved that Pelosi’s information wasn’t coming from it’s natural sources, the netroots and all its denisons. The sign itself (lame as it may be) generated zero notice, and wasn’t noted in press accounts or netroot accounts.

More importantly the photo in question wasn’t from a townhall meeting, it was from a street demonstration – there was no townhall meeting that day. In that regard it rates a FAIL as proof that Pelosi was right.

At the time of her proclaimation there was no proof of her assertion, and one picture (unknown to all) that existed before her statement, but didn’t fall within the parameters of her assertion isn’t proof of anything.

As James Taranto at The Wall Street Journal notes:

So was Nancy Pelosi right? Not a chance.

Let’s review her words again: “I think they’re AstroTurf. You be the judge. They’re carrying swastikas and symbols like that to a town meeting on health care.” Who carries swastikas? Nazis. Pelosi did not complain that the protesters were comparing ObamaCare to Nazism; she insinuated that they are Nazis.

Again there’s plenty of examples of swastikas from previous tea party protests, and after the Pelosi video hit the front page on Drudge it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that swastikas would magially start being found all over the place.

I’m comfortable with the fact that at the moment I hit publish (hours after the video hit) there was no evidence of people “carrying swastikas and symbols like that to a town meeting on health care,” in the media or at any of the large liberal online communities.

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